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Plantable Seed Pencils (Pack of 6)

Plantable Seed Pencils (Pack of 6)

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Encourage your loved ones to make a baby-size change which will lead to a brighter future. Saves Trees and Grows Plants!

Plantable Pencil is a sustainable pencil that gives an old pencil a new life. Made out of recycled paper, the end is filled with seeds and when planted upside down it grows herbs, flowers or vegetables.

How to Plant: Use the recycled paper pencil till it gets shorter. Bury it sideways into the soil once it is too short to use. Water it with love every day for 5-7 days. The germination period is 5-10 days depending on the seeds in the plantable pencil. Keep the pot in a way it gets a little sunlight but not directly under it.

BABY STEP - In India, 100000+ trees are getting cut each year, simply to make pencils. Not just trees, there is a lot of paper we waste, that ends up going into our dying landfills. This eco-friendly pencil combats both problems. Made of recycled paper, no trees are cut down! These pencils also come with seeds infused at the end which grow into herbs, flowers or vegetables!

This product truly, Saves Trees and Grows Plants! It requires no change in your routine and is already something you use daily. So why not think about the greater good? Why not make the switch today? Every day and every person counts!

Let us all join hands and take #babystepsforabettertomorrow

Set Content : 6 Pencils
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